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Bash at the Bonnet

Thanks to the Hosts and Co-Hosts from
my Campaign Kick-Off and Birthday Bash at the Blue Bonnet

Lori Anderson and Lew Gaiter, Jr. Sarah Bradley
Ray Ehrenstein and Jim Sample
Frosty and Sam Frostman
Lisa Hartman Janet Hartmann Arnold Krupat
Nancy Larson Larry Latta
Karen Lucas and Bob Barrett Denis Moynihan Tim Naylor
Wells Obrecht
Tom Parson Anne PerkinsPat Perkins
Mary and Peter Peterson Carolyn Pickton T.R. Reid Pete Smith
Rex Stephenson
Frank Sullivan Dianne Thiel
Debra Turner-Kelly Tom Waxter
Mike Worford

and special guest
Former Senate Majority Leader Ken Gordon

Ken Gordon's Remarks

Ken Gordon
February 26, 1950 - December 22, 2013

It was such a shock to wake Monday morning and learn that my friend Ken Gordon passed away Sunday. Ken was an iconic leader in Colorado, a State Representative and State Senator who served as Minority Leader in the House and Majority Leader in the Senate. 

He was also a champion for ordinary individuals, working to get big money out of politics and to ensure that the voices of individual citizens could be heard over the roar of special interests. It is testament to his impact that people I've never met ask me about Ken when I knock on their doors, but countless more people who never knew Ken have been given voice by Ken's actions, both in the legislature and as a citizen-activist. 

The picture above is my last picture of Ken, taken at an event for Andrew Romanoff that Ken co-hosted at Betty Lehman's house in September.  
The last video I have of Ken is from when he was gracious enough to speak at my campaign kickoff earlier in the year.  (Click here for the video).  

I was proud to call Ken my friend, and I'm tremendously grateful for all I learned from him and for his ongoing inspiration. Rest in peace, Ken. 

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Gleason  

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