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DNC Monday


Monday, September 3 -- Carolina In My Mind

At the beginning of the day, it looked like the only thing on my agenda for a slow Labor Day kick-off to the Democratic National Conventioin was James Taylor's appearance at Carolina Fest, a free street fair up the street from my hotel that was designed to make the Convention accessible to all comers.  

By the end of a jam-packed day of inspiring caucus meetings, James Taylor was the only event I didn't get to.

We started with the first of our daily Colorado Delegation Breakfasts, and we were graced by a few special guests, including our ownLt. Governor Joe Garcia (click link for video),  Obama for America National Political Director and Colorado's own Kathleen Archuletta, and Obama Campaign Manager Jim Messina. 

I shouldn't speak for the rest of the delegation, but when it comes to politics, we tend to be a little geeky, so having Messina at our morning meeting was a great way to start off the day.  As a campaign manager myself, I enjoyed the insights from the man behind the wheel of the Obama campaign, and his focused, strategic comments definitely helped jumpstart my Convention experience. 

In the coming days, we expect to hear from Congressman Steny Hoyer, Congressman Jared Polis, David Simas (Polling Director), James Kvaal (White House Domestic Policy Advisor), Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schulz, Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar, and Donna Brazille. 

For more videos from the Colorado Delegation Breakfast meetings, please click here.

As I mentioned yesterday, I really didn't have a natural fit for the caucuses being offered throughout the week, but I got everything I hoped for and more by opening myself up to new experiences at three caucus meetings Monday.  (I also enjoyed the new Charlotte experience of deep-fried catfish at the Welcome Party Sunday night, but that's another story.)

I started out at the Hispanic Caucus, Monday morning, where I Wasserman Schulz made one of probably a dozen appearnace Monday appearances or more.

I saw her speak three times in six hours Monday.  She had similar points to make with each group she spoke to, but she had a unique perspective each time out and impressed me in her relentless and far-reaching scope.

The numbers sound good for Hispanic votes in swing states, with Nevada reporting 74% of the vote for Obama, Florida 51%, and Colorado 69%  In Colorado, we won the Hispanic vote by 23 points in 2008, and at this point in 2012, we're looking at a 48 point lead!  Targeted Spanish language commercials (25% of Hispanics get their news in Spanish) addressing the Affordable Care Act (which everying is lovingly calling Obamacare now) and The Dream Act. 

For more videos from the Hispanic Caucus, please click here.

I'll update more later tonight, but here are two more videos from my visit with the Disability Caucus and the Veterans and Military Families Council.

This Congresswoman from Chicago has a great bill, the Inclusive Home Design Act, which would require new homes to spend a few hundred dollars more to ensure from the start that they are accessible and inclusive for people with disabilities:

Tammy Duckworth (below) was probably the highlight of the day for me.  An Iraq War veteran and pilot who lost both her legs and is running for Congress in Illinois told of the day she started out as the highest ranking member of her unit and ended up as the weakest link when her company carried her home.  "You never know when you might go from the top 1% to needing a helping hand," she told us.

For more videos from the Veterans and Military Families Council meeting, please click here.

More to come later tonight, but check my YouTube Channel for all my videos.

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