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DNC Sunday


Sunday, September 2 -- Charlotte or Bust

That was the line I used from 35,000 feet over St. Louis as I wrote my first Democratic National Convention report earlier today.  Shortly thereafter, it started to sound like "bust."  

I thought I'd taken a 20 minute nap after takeoff -- after an exhausting 6:15 a.m. trek to the airport during which Odetta de Jetta passed the baton to AAA Colorado for the final 12 miles to the Pikes Peak lot.  I logged onto the internet and paid my $10 just in time to hear the pilot tell us to power down our portable electronics for the final descent into Charlotte.

Five hours later I'm back from my the Colorado, Arizona, Oregon, and Washington welcome party,

and trying to catch up a little before another possible foray out into the Democratic party zone.

But it's been a busy spring and summer with politics, baseball, and family since winning a delegate slot in Colorado's Congressional District 1 Assembly back in April, and I wanted to give you a quick preview of some upcoming convention highlights, including scheduled speakers as of the Sunday night.

President Jimmy Carter -- my hero!  See my feature on my interview with him here.

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro -- the first Latino keynote speaker at a Democratic National Convention.
First Lady Michelle Obama -- she will rock you!

Elizabeth Warren -- winning back Ted Kennedy's Senate seat!
Governor John Hickenlooper -- putting Colorado center stage at the convention (as we are on the convention floor).
President Bill Clinton -- perhaps the best political speaker of this generation -- a master of old-time convention rhetoric sure to rouse the crowd.  Set the VCR!

Vice President Joe Biden
President Barack Obama

The Colorado delegation has the best seats in the house for any delegation not nome to Barack Obama.  Illinois is front and center as the convention begins the task of nominating  Chicago's favorite son for a second term as President, and they are the only delegation between the podium and the good delegates of Colorado.

In another sign of Colorado's key role in this race, we're having President Obama's campaign manager, Jim Messina, speak to our delegation at our first Monday breakfast meeting.  We should see a good collection of national luminaries coming to help fire-up Coloradans each morning, and I'm glad we're starting with the campaign manager so we can immediately focus on our role in re-electing President Obama for four more years.

Monday features an all-day street festival, Carolina Festright in front of our hotel within the Secret Service perimeter in uptown Charlotte.  But after our delegation meeting, I'll be participating in a series of caucus meetings that will continue throughout the week.

My caucus isn't meeting here -- in fact, the Middle-Aged White Guy Caucus met last week, all week, all the time in Tampa.  But one of the most important things for me in building a stronger community where I live is making substantial process in diversifying our Democratic Party in Denver so that the Party, its leadership, its makeup, its priorities, and its values reflect the city as a whole.  With a smorgasborg of diverse caucus meetings this week in Charlotte, bringing together voices of experience and a wealth of knowledge from across the country, I'm eager for the opportunity to gain valuable insight into, I'm eager to participate in a variety of important meetings over the next four days.

If I remember correctly what I signed up for, I've got something like the following schedule:

10 a.m. - Noon -- Native American Council/Hispanic Caucus
Noon - 2 p.m. -- Disability Caucus
2 p.m. -4 p.m. -- Veterans and Military Family Council

10 a.m. - Noon -- Women's Caucus
Noon - 2 p.m. -- LGBT Caucus
2 p.m. - 4 p.m. -- Rural Council

10 a.m. - Noon -- Hispanic Caucus/African American Caucus
Noon - 2 p.m. -- Youth Council
2 p.m. - 4 p.m. -- Jewish Meeting

10 a.m. - Noon -- Women's Caucus
Noon - 2 p.m. -- Senior Council

More to come as I catch up on the schedule and reacquaint myself with my website.  Send any suggestions, comments, or questions to me at owenperk@aol.com.




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